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Perhaps slightly embarrassed by the accolades and not having earned his comedy spurs by years of telling jokes to drunks in smoky bars up and down the country, Ricky put together a stand-up show to while away the evenings away from home during filming. The resulting tour, encompassing at least two theatres within a mile radius of his house, was a smash and must have dispelled any lingering doubts about doing live work as he's followed the 'Animals' show this year with a new show entitled 'Politics'. And it was a proper UK tour this time too with shows in as many as six places outside London.

With seven and a half hours of The Office produced in a three year period you wouldn't think there'd be time enough for anything else would you? But you'd be wrong of course. Voice-overs in ads, animated films and the like, small parts in films - generally for mates, a cameo role in an American TV series called 'Alias' plus regular appearances on top chat shows like 'Parkinson' and 'Friday Night With Jonathan Ross'. He even found time to take part in a four-week training regime culminating with him beating a minor celebrity in a televised boxing match.

In the run-up to Christmas this year, Ricky will be busy telling us about his new book - 'Flanimals'. Ostensibly aimed at younger readers, but the richness of the illustrations and the inventiveness of the text give it universal appeal.

DVDs of the Politics show and The Office Specials are also out for Christmas so expect to see lots of cardboard cut-outs of Ricky in stores over the next few weeks.

After that it'll be full steam ahead for 'Extras', his new TV series - more about that to come.

One last thing - many online biographies make reference to Ricky having worked as a pizza deliveryman. Just to put record straight, Ricky has not ever delivered a pizza... eaten, yes. Lots. Too many probably. But delivered them? Never.

"Jonathan Ross gave me a cat."
Parkinson October 2004 - Ricky makes observations on Parky's interview technique.